2000 Trailblazer dies on starting

About once or twice a month my 2000 Trailblazer dies immediately on starting. Will not start again for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes rest it always restarts. Never dies while running. Have had fuel pump replaced about five years ago. Condition has been occurring about that long though and has progressed from once each 3 or 4 months to its current rate. Can occur after setting all night or after having just run and shut down for a very short time. Natural assumption would be fuel pump but as it always restarts on second attempt after 10 minute rest is there any possibility it could be a computer malfunction that takes that long to reset?

Try spraying starter fluid in the intake. This will prove or disprove your fuel pump theory.

Not to nitpick, but the earliest Trailblazer was a 2002 model year

In 2000, Chevy had a Blazer, which is an entirely different beast all around

I agree about trying the starter fluid

Remove the air cleaner. Spray a burst of starter fluid in there and give it a go

Was the pigtail replaced along with the pump? GM apparently has a long history of overheated pigtails on their fuel pumps

Here’s a long shot. Assuming this car uses a separate, single coil mounted somewhere outside the distributor. If the engine seems to start up ok while the key is in “start”, but then immediately stops running when the key is returned to “run” or “on”, it’s possible there’s a problem with the resistance wire that powers the coil in “on”. There’s a separate non-resistance wire that powers the coil in “start”, so it could start in “start” but turn off in “on”.

Take a look at the schematics maybe, see if indeed there are two different wires powering the coil, one for “on” and one for " start". You may just have an intermittent connection in the “on” wire.

George, thank you for making my point about the discrepancy between the model and the model year

A Trailblazer uses coil on plug

A Blazer uses a distributor with a separate coil

10 minutes is the timeout for a security lockout. VATS only trips on starts. When it does, the SECURITY lamp is lit and starting is disabled for10 minutes…

Thanks a million to all for the very valuable info. My 2000 Trailblazer must be a sub-model of the Blazer, just like the LS. Trailblazer must have become THE model in 2002 to differentiate the SUV from the truck. Mine says Trailblazer on the rear gate and I bought it in Apr., 2000

What engine does your vehicle have?

4.3 liter V6

4.2 liter straight 6

The Blazer was around past 2002, actually

So I still don’t know what you have

If you tell me what engine you have, I’ll also know what vehicle you have