Trailblazer differential

I have an 02 Trailblazer with 128,000 miles, and recently discovered a leak of differential fluid (which smells horrible in the garage). I took it in to a Chevrolet garage, and they told me that there was a leak between the differential carrier seal and the oil pan, and that the repair would involve a removal of the complete front differential, which would then have to be resealed. The technician quoted me about $2,000 for the repair and suggested that I may want to consider trading the vehicle before much longer. He told me that they could fix it, but once they open it up there could be more problems, and it may not be worth it. I’d like some advice. Thanks.

I cannot picture a leak between a “carrier seal” and a “oil pan”. Carrier seal that would be on the side of the housing and the pan on the front. Maybe I would have to see it.

Second opinion.

These have a goofy set up. It’s more common for the axle seals to leak or the drive shaft seals. They can be addressed without diff removal. I would get a second opinion. BTW- here’s a great site for Trailblazer issues-

Just got mine back from Chevy today. I had a grinding noise in the rear. Needed a complete new rear carrier assembly, seals, gaskets and all. About $1800. Also needed stuff up front, pinion seal etc. The entire bill was $2200. Luckily I had extended warranty with 0 deductible. two months ago it needed an actuator motor for the 4 wheel drive. Combined, the repairs exceed the book value. But, it runs great now. Better last!

Have a “jeep shop” (4wd specialist) look at it. Maybe install a used (salvage yard) differential or repair yours for a more reasonable cost…

I went to that site and registered,very “high tech” you get a e-mail for every answer to your post. CT probably could do the same thing,I conclude they are working on the “keep it simple” concept.

Yes, a lot of the features they have make it a pleasure to navigate the site. The search feature is fantastic and I miss the post preview when I come here (put your mouse cursor over the post to preview). Great collection of knowledgeable folks over there too…