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Jeep Differential Service

I have a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 125,000 miles. The dealership is saying the my front differential needs to be replace for about $2,000. Is this service really this expensive? Is it worth doing? Are there other chain like machanics that may be cheaper? Please help, I’m in MD.

Would not recommend a chain operation for this type of work. Get a couple of estimates from some independent shops near you. Ask friends for recommendations or look at mechanics files at CarTalk home page if you need recommendations. You might also get a second opinion inspection to make sure the issue and recommended repair is valid.

What went wrong? it seems we get nothing but bad reports about these vehicles.

I would locate a replacement differential (THE ENTIRE GEAR-CASE) at a salvage yard and have it installed. Differentials have a tag on them that lists the gear ratio. Make sure they match when you replace it…Look for a 4WD/Jeep specialist shop who will know where you will be likely to find the parts you need…