Suspension and Steering

I have just been given a recommended service for my vehicle - 2002 Chevy Trailblazer, 4WD, LS…“remove, inspect, & overhaul R Differential assembly, resurface brake rotor (both front) & (both rear), alignments, remove, replace f ball joint, lower both, Preventive Maint. total $3441.68” The bulk of this total is the differential assembly. My question: Is that a resonable price for those repairs?

were you noticing some sympton that led you to ask that the rear diff. be checked? Or did they open it up as part of an inspection and noticed something not right (burned fluid)What is the reason you are told you need diff. work?In what contex is your comment “preventive maint”. None of the work you listed is "preventive maintiance"IMHO. Or what work is being suggested as “preventive maintiance”?