Ok so I have come to the conclusion that I HATE Ford’s. My 2006 ford focus has had more problems than any other of my cars. It only has 51,000 miles on it and things go out on it like crazy! Im not EVER getting another Ford. And maybe if the customer satisfaction was there it might be a little different. But they don’t seem to want to fix anything. So now it’s probably going to be HONDA! I’ve heard their very reliable and have a high re-sale value. And they are very good cars. What do you think?

I think the add campaign by Honda has had its desired effect on you.

Sorry,but I don’t like Japanese cars, but then again, that is just me.

I’ve had a 1974 Ford F-100 , it has around 300k on it and is still on the road. A 1992 Ford T-Bird SC, sold it when it had around 160k on the clock, it had no problems other than standard wear and tear items. I have a 1995 Ford Bronco, it has about 197k on it, the transmission was rebuilt at the 125k mile mark, but other than that’s it’s been bulletproof. I also have a 2003 Ford Mustang GT, which despite several modifications, including a supercharger, has never had a problem, it only has 90k. I’ve had nothing but positive experiences. With that said. The Windstars we’ve had were quite unreliable. Our family has had 4 or 5 of them. Only the 2004 model didn’t have the transmission go out and/or the head gaskets fail around the 60k mile mark.

Every manufacturer has lemons, even Honda and Toyota. It’s foolish to make blanket statements. Furthermore if your car is out of warranty, Ford or any other car maker has no obligation to do anything for you. Some dealerships are more accommodating than others though.

Only a Sith Lord speaks in absolutes. Rocketman

Now . . to be serious . . . don’t judge a whole company by one car. Sure, Honda makes good cars, but so does Ford. Take your time and pick something with a decent reliability rating from Consumer Reports and get rid of your lemon . . make some lemonade. Rocketman

If you buy a Honda thats’s ok, they are good cars but expect to sink some money in it. All cars, no matter how good will need an occasional repair. I am sure you noticed Honda and Toyota and everybody else has a service dept.
All makes have their good cars and their junkers. I have had 2 Ford Taurus’s which have been bullet proof and 1 Windstar that is less than stellar. Also the imports I have owned have been completely average, not excellent and not bad. Please don’t say all XXXXX are junk because of 1 model.

Totally agreed, I have seen too many circumstances where the same car is a lemon for 1 person and a great car for another, but as you say consumer reports can increase your odds!

So before blaming the car for all of these alleged factory inflicted problems why don’t you lay out exactly what problems have occurred to see if we can determine how many are factory caused and how many are owner caused.

You Don’t Say What Kinds Of “Problems” You’ve Had Or What Makes Any Of Your Other Cars Are.

You state, " And maybe if the customer satisfaction was there it might be a little different. But they don’t seem to want to fix anything./"

Did you mean customer service? We already know you don’t have customer satisfaction.

Some people have problems with almost everything, including cars. You could try a Honda, but will probably HATE it too and have things go out on it like crazy! Maybe you should stick with the same brand as "any other of my cars".

Unless we have more information, I would advise using public transportation.

I had a Ford one time too, I didn’t like it.
however, There are a couple Ford vehicles I wouldn’t mind owning now

maybe your car was built on Monday!!!

Most Honda’s are made in the US.

It’s NOT the add campaign that’s causing people to stop buying American and start buying Honda’s and Toyota’s. I think it’s the fantastic ad campaign’s from Ford/GM and Chryco that have kept their customers. My wifes Brother-in-law is a prime example…

I have had a fine time with Fords, though they have had their issues with certain models. I believe that the Focus set some kind of a record for TSBs in its first year on the market. Maybe the '06 model is doing the same (or this one was built on a Monday). Of course, I still drive an Escort…which I got to replace an Escort…which replaced a Mercury Lynx (which was an Escort). I would have continued to drive Escorts, and was very unhappy that it was dropped for the Focus. Even though they are rather similar enough changed to make a good reliable little car into a less good and reliable one.

I will also say that I have never been happy with Ford’s or their dealer’s responses to issues with their cars. I could tell stories. So Ford should be much better with service, and they should try not to continue being as stupid as they have been in terms of overall business strategy. But there are plenty of Fords that I would be happy to have.

so, what’s wrong with the Focus?

I’m sure you meant that most Honda’s sold in the USA are built here. And they are fine cars.

Didn’t Consumer Reports recommend this car?

Its the add campaign that has created this false idea that Hondas don’t have their own group of problems.

Yup…That’s what I meant.