Traction control Question

In my 2001 mustang the ABS light is on and the traction control button does not light up. I’m thinking it could be a button malfunction. Does traction control need ABS to work? And if so Does this mean the traction control is perpetually off if ABS light is on? Basically there is no way to tell if it is on or off since the button doesn’t light up.

Traction control needs a properly functioning ABS to work.


So if the ABS dash light is on, then that means the traction control is basically always off?

Yes that is correct.


With traction control if you lose traction like on ice or snow, the ABS will cycle the brake on and off for the wheel that is slipping until traction is gained again. In braking, ABS cycles the brakes to prevent the wheels from sliding. So at any rate, without the ABS feature, neither will work.