2012 Chrysler 200 - ABS and traction control light

abs light and traction control light just come on, why?? what to do to turn them off.

ABS and traction control often share the same module, so a problem with one mechanism might be indicated by light for both. An issue in the ABS can trigger the traction control light to come on.These lights can indicate several different problems, so it’s difficult to say what happened to your car.
It could be low fuel levels in ABS fluid reservoir or damaged/dirty wheel speed sensors. To find out the exact problem your car has to be checked by a mechanic.


Because one or the other sees an error is telling you it needs to be repaired.

The obvious… repair whatever is wrong. Auto repair shops have hand-held computers that can read the error codes in the ABS/TCS computer to help find the problem.


Bad wheel speed sensor. A guess.