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ABS / Tracking are gone

Had car, '97 Concorde, looked at and they said that ABS has NO power to it after diagnostics were done and it would cost me another $$$ just to get better diagnostic test, because they can’t figure it why it has no power. It does have brakes and drives fine, until ABS/Tracking light goes on (dings) @ 15 miles per hour.

I have no clue what they are talking about. Is this bad for the car or can I still drive it? If so, will I cause more damage? To what?

I don’t really want to put in any more $ into car of 137,500 miles. What is happening? Can anybody help me?

Your ABS braking system and traction control systems use all the same components and circuts. Something is wrong with the system, could be a sensor on a wheel is bad, could be the computer that controls it all is bad, could be the power supply to the system isn’t working.

Whatever the problem is your car will drive fine, BUT you will not have ABS brakes. Your brakes will work but if a wheel locks up (wet road, snow on the road, gravel) it will just slide. If a wheels starts to spin when you step on the gas it will just keep spinning.

Cars didn’t have ABS brakes for 50 years and folks got where they needed to go OK. If you want your car to be a safe as possible, then spend the money, find and fix the problem.

If you can live with good brakes that don’t have the ABS feature working then save your money and drive on. If a wheel starts spinning when you step on the gas do what drivers did for decades, let off the gas a bit until the wheel gains traction.

ABS has a reputation for not working very well although it does decrease stopping distances on dry and wet roads. You may not need it if you are a careful driver. And it is pretty much worthless in ice, snow and on unpaved roads.

However, if you live in a safety inspection state, you’ll probably have to fix it.

I assume that you went to the dealer. You’ve established their service department is clueless and also that this isn’t a problem that every 97 Concorde has sooner or later. If it were, they’d recognize it. Might try a good independent mechanic. It may be something simple and cheap to fix.

This is the first car I owed that had ABS, so I know how drive with regular brakes, plus I’m from Wisconsin, so I know snow. LOL. Have been for 30+ years. Had replace computer last summer. Mechanic who looked at it, owns two Concord’s and has been a head mechanic for 25+ years at local dealership, until last summer, went into business himself. So I trust him a lot and I believe what he tells me. This is why I put up this question to others who might have ran into the same problem.

So if any one else has any other suggestions, please do post. I am open to anything.