TPMS single sensor failure

The phrase “idiot light” is just a very old colloquialism. I first heard it from my father some 40+ years ago. I didn’t make it up or call TPMS “idiotic.” And it’s not a reference to the light as idiotic. It was always about drivers who didn’t do things like check their oil (or have it checked). It’s just an old saying.

I brought it up to say that since the OP does keep an eye on tire pressures, then having the TPMS working is less important than for people who don’t check tire pressures. And that is the only reason that I brought it up.

Like the OP my mom is an elderly woman, and she spends most of her time taking care of my ailing dad. I’m glad that she has TPMS on her car so that she doesn’t have this one more thing to worry about. (She’s also very good about having the car serviced regularly).

Lots of respect for your mother. I knew that being a caretaker was hard but I now know just how exhausting it can be.

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Yeah, in the old days cars had volt meters, temperature gauges, and oil pressure gauges. I don’t know when they switched but I had to Order the gauge option on my 74 olds. It was cheaper to just use warning lights bur the manufacturers justified it by claiming people didn’t check or understand the gauges, thus the idiot lights. You don’t have to know anything except when the light goes on, take it to someone. Like in a plane the recording pull up, pull up, instead of an altimeter although they haven’t removed those yet. So easy any idiot can figure it out. I don’t think any disrespect was meant to anyone.

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Owners manuals also used to tell you how to adjust your valves and set points and stuff, now they warn you not to drink battery acid… well, a little harder to drink gel now a days… lol


Yeah. Sorry if that’s where you’re at right now. My wife “went to live with her mother” for over a year (until her passing) - but not because she was mad at me. Her mom couldn’t really function along. Same with my dad. My mom is 24/7 home health aid, though luckily she has a lot of support and very close by. Either way though - its very rough.

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Indeed, and on the contrary - it was meant as a compliment to the OP who has TPMS, but checks tires anyway…That’s my kind of gal.

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I keep a check on the tires and adjust the pressure as needed due to weather changes, including the spare tire, check the oil level and if it starts looking dirty earlier than normal oil change intervals, visually check coolant and brake fluid levels, refill washer fluid as needed, and keep the car clean inside and out.

Due to the Camry’s design, I’m able to easily change both the cabin and engine air filters myself.

Beyond that, I pay a professional to assess and work on the car. I know my limits both in knowledge and physical abilities.

However, years of reading and asking questions here in the forum has given me some education in how to proactively keep any car I own at the time better maintained. And for that I am grateful.


Years ago I had sweet older Lady about 87 years young (IIRC) that when her husband passed away (some years earlier) a moron, idiot, completely worthless mechanic ripped her off… After that she bought a repair manual for every car she had after that, and basically memorized it… She would come in and say Dave, my car is doing so and so, so I need such and such repairs… I would always confirm it (for free, that happens with very nice customers sometimes) and call her when done, yeah she new about what it would cost… I think she knew her cars better than the engineers did sometimes… lol…


Aww, thank you, sir.

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Well, I’m not going to replace still working sensors and I hope the three functioning ones remain so for a long time. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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How many miles in the current tires? While I imagine they are replacements, it’s possible that they are original equipment. I’d wait for tire replacement unless these tires are fairly new.

I appreciate the explanation. As you probably already know, I’m not born American, so I’ll struggle to understand there and there most times when reading from the American way of speaking.

There are a few members on here who I also don’t fully understand what they convey but I’m trying to get the gist of it.

Thanks again, Cigroller

I’ll have to look that up. These are the second set of tires.

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HA!!! I was born and raised right here, and I still have to google some of them words these more smarter than me members be using with them there big college words… :joy: