TPMS out of wack after tire change

2007 Chrysler 300. Had all four tires changed. Upon leaving dealer the low-tire light came on and the front left tire said “0” pressure on the display. Dealer offered to look at it next week.

After driving 5 or so miles the display changed from front-left tire “0” to rear-right tire “0” and fron showed 36 psi now.

Periodically the warning display pops up and says left-front tire “0”, but showed pressure of 36 psi.

Dealer told me before leaving that they put 36 psi all around. On ,my old tires I put in 32-33 psi.

Any idea what could have gone wrong during the tire change?

Check your owners manual. I had to reset TPMS on my wife’s 2006 after a front to back tire rotation. If your manual is anything like the Toyota’s you are going to have to do some digging to find the procedure.

Ed B.