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TPMS Light on in Hyundai Accent

Last week during a cold spell in New Orleans the TPMS light went on in my 2010 Hyundai Accent. I checked all of the tires, 2 were slightly low and I added air. However, the light is still on and it has been several days. Anyone have a clue as to why? I do not want to bring to the dealership unless necessary. Thanks!

try adding a pound or two more to the tires that it says are low.

Also try looking in the owners manual. It may explain that you have to do “x” number of starts, or “x” number of miles, or maybe even a button to reset it.

+1 for consulting the Owner’s Manual–the least-read best-seller…

However, another thought comes to mind, namely the spare tire.
If your spare also has a sensor for the TPMS, a low spare (which most people never bother to check) could be the source of the light.

Yes, I know that most vehicles don’t have a TPMS sensor on the spare, but I mention it as a possibility if all other attempts fail. When my friend had similar problems with his Rav-4, it did turn out to be a spare with low pressure.