Toyota window motors

My 2000 Toyota Corolla window up/down motor has had to be replaced 5 times!

Do the newer Toyotas have more reliable window motors? I want to buy a new Toyota Hybrid or Corolla , but hesitate because of this recurring problem.

Matrix has a “manual” mirror adjustment on both sides that is perfect.

Is that one motor 5 times? Did they use a Toyota motor or an aftermrket motor?

If someone is replacing the motor 5 times then they’re either making a serious misdiagnosis, they’re flat out lying about replacing the motors, or there is something frying the motors; maybe a binding window regulator or glass channel.

This strikes me as a mechanic problem more than a parts problem.

although i tend to agree with OK’s diagnosis, i am curious. which window is it that keeps burning out? if it is the drivers window are you in the habit of playing with the buttons? i am not trying to be smart, but stranger things have been known to happen. alternately, if it is another window, do you have other riders (kids car pool etc) who could be playing with the switch?

it seems funny that 5 motors burn up. there is something else going on here.