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Toyota Tundra Nav System

I use my Toyota Tundra to pull a horse trailer. For safety reasons, I use my parking lights when I’m hauling the trailer. When I turn the parking lights on, the screen on the Nav system goes to night mode, which is hard to read in the daytime. Is there a way to override this?

Check your owner?s manual. Alternatively, just turn the parking lights off. A large truck pulling a horse trailer is fairly noticeable. If someone manages to hit you, they were going to hit whether your parking lights we on or not.

Nope, either leave the parking light off or live with the dim screen. Parking lights were never intended for use when moving.

You may be able to purchase a daytime running lights system that would turn on your headlights, and tailights without turning on the dashboard lighting. It would cost some money and involve splicing into some of the cars wiring so I’d not do it, but it might work.

If you trade your Tundra for a Canadian model they come with daytime running lights by Canadian law. If you live near Canada perhaps you can go over the border and a Canadian Toyota dealer can turn on the daytime running light feature. My guess is there is a special fuse or something that activates the DRL feature.

Your parking lights add no safety when you are moving, only when parked. By the time someone sees the parking lights, they would see the truck/trailer anyway. If you want to increase safety, then turn your headlights on. What is your reason for not turning your headlights on?

I can’t answer for your Toyota, but my Lincoln’s nav has an override to restore the screen to full brightness when the headlights are on. You can use a voice command or go to the system settings menu and change it there. Check your manual to see if you nav has something similar.