Mileage on a toyota truck

i wish computers were as reliable as my truck. dang think crashed after I created this once already.

Ok, I have a 93 toyota 4wd pickup, v6, standard cab, 5 speed. Getting 22± mpg, want 23. Well after 23, 24. question is, where can I find origional EPA estimates for this vehicle? Toyota doesn’t archive stuff like that, and I can’t find it on the web.

Next Question would be, is there an aftermarket mileage computer like the one they put in the Prius.

EPA estimates from that period are not accurate enough to worry about.

It will by default give you the revised numbers for the new system, but you can also click on “compare to original window sticker” to get the original mileage. I’ll tell you, though, that what you’re getting is extremely good for a v6 Toyota PU. Generally the 4-cylinder models get around 23-24 on the highway and the V6’s get around 20-21.

For a 4x4 V6 your numbers are just about right. I’ve owned two 2WD standard cabs with straight 4’s, a '79 and an '89, and both got 26-27 highway. I recall that the V6 4x4s ot somewhat less.

Unlike some trucks, the 4x2 and 4x4 Toyota pickups are very different vehicles. In addition to the actual 4wd components, practically everything on the 4x4 truck is beefier and heavier. Basically only the cab, bed & engine are mostly the same. Consequently, there is a pretty big difference in mileage between the two.

checked it out, epa says 14 city,17 hwy. estimates actual at about 19.
So I’m doing pretty well.
Thank you for that, jack