Toyota Tacoma 1995

95 tacoma with 120,000 miles and for the last 50,000 miles the damn thing dont want to start if the outside temp. gets over 95 degrees. When it does this I have to get her rolling (about a 10 foot push) and jump in and pop the clutch and she is up and running as if nothing is wrong. The only system I have not replaced is the distributor system $$$$$$. Toyota dealers (5 of them)in the western 7 states all tell me they cannot find the problem and they have heard of this in other tacoma’s. If I ever find the problem to give them a call and let them know.

I assume that your Tacoma in not under warranty at 120,000 miles, so why are you at the dealer? Find a good independent mechanic and let him or her take a look. Frankly the ignition system including the distributor would have been first on my list of things to check.

I believe OK give some advice to another Toyota owner just today a few hours ago. Take a look for that one. OK’s advice is usually right on.

you state, you can jump start it, but the key wont get the starter to engage?

sounds like the starter, is shot, and the high temps make it not start/engage.