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1995 Toyota Tacoma

I have a 1995 toyota tacoma. When the weather gets hot and the car has been running for a while and is fully warmed up, if I shut it off and try and restart it I have trouble. In cool weather I never have a problem. I’ve replaced the coil and that didn’t help. Anyone ever hear about this problem?

Starter get hot. Bad starter?

[i]  if I shut it off and try and restart it I have trouble.[/i] 

It would help if you could describe "trouble."  when you turn the key what happens?  What do you hear and feel and see?

How many miles on that 1995?  

When was the last time the plugs and wires replaced?  Where the replacements OEM type or some sort of fancy expensive wires?  (Hint, the fancy colored fat or whatever fancy wires tend not to perform as well as the cheaper OEM type wires.)

I’d want to test the coolant temp sender. And if there’s an air temp sender, test that, too.

Don’t automatically assume it’s an ignition problem. Test things.