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1995 toyota tacoma 151.000 miles hard to start when hot

my 1995 tacoma 2.4 l problem accurs all the time, after driving a bit and stopping for 15 min. the truck is very difficult to start.i have to start it 3 or 4 time, when it does start it’s very gradually, if it sits for hours it starts with no problem. i have replaced plugs, wires, cap & rotor,air filter, fuel filter, both o2 senors, cat. convertor, coolant temp sensor, maybe i will replace the air charge sensor next. please help me.the truck is in great shape.

If it’s anything like my 1979 Toyota truck, there is a pickup coil AKA signal generator inside the distributor. It signals the coil when to fire spark. It is heat sensitive, and if it fails when hot, it will soon fail altogether.

One test would be to see if you are getting no or a poor spark when cranking. Those symptoms point to bad coil, bad igniter, or bad pickup coil.