Toyota Supra to be discontinued

When the Toyota Supra first made its comeback in 2019, a lot of negative things were said, particularly about Toyota’s partnership with BMW; people feel the Supra was not a genuine Toyota and thus bad-mouthed the uniquely designed sport car.

As a sport car fanatic, do you support the discontinuation of the Toyota supra ?

I never liked the looks, don’t have a problem with the BMW parts.

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Someone can see into the future.

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Not fond of the looks. Had no problem with the Toyota BMW collaboration that netted the Z4 along with it.

Apparently the Supra did not sell well enough to continue. Buh Bye!


It was only my shortlist for potential Mustang replacement. Would’ve liked a 2+2 variant. They were hard to get from I understand. Between the 4 or 5 local Toyota dealers there’s a grand total of two Supras for sale.

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Yes, for the JDM purist having a combo BMW/Toyota was blasphemy for their beloved Supra, I get it, I don’t want to see a LS swap in a Cuda or Road Runner, or a 351W in a 70 Chevelle either… I hated it when my Mopar’s became Daimler Benz, when the old OHV engines were replaced with the SOHC engines in the trucks, it was over for most of us… We did finally get the 3rd gen Hemi and new over complicated transmissions afterwards, so there is that…
Now for the drag race lover in me I like an old Supra with a LS swap… lol… Those are the only Supras I really liked anyway…


Good point, the market for sports coupes is small to begin with, Toyota lost some JDM fanboys by using BMW parts.

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