Toyota Questions

  1. The solara was discontinued after 2008. If you were to buy one now should it be substantially cheaper than other similar models (i.e. Honda Accord)? Does the car not being made any longer effect the price?

    2. If you were to buy a car that was discontinued are the parts harder to come by. Are they more expensive?

    3. Is the Scion supposed to be the new toyota equivalent to the Solara?

Solara is nothing more than a 2 door Camry so parts are beyond plentiful. Don’t worry there. The parts likely to be replaced are used across the entire Toyota line of Camry derivatives and available beyond your likely ownership period.

A ceased model car longer made by a stable brand makes little difference in price. Supply and demand for it dictate the price.

Scion has no replacement for it. The demand did not exist for this 2 door boat(comfy car).

The Solara was a special type of Camry. Its discontinued status should not [b]affect[/b] the price or the availability of parts.

When something [b]affects[/b] a situation, it has an [b]effect[/b] on it.

Good luck, Whitey. Remember Edwin Newman?