Toyota questions

  1. The solara was discontinued after 2008. If you were to buy one now should it be substantially cheaper than other similar models (i.e. Honda Accord)? Does the car not being made any longer effect the price?

    2. If you were to buy a car that was discontinued are the parts harder to come by. Are they more expensive?

    3. Is the Scion supposed to be the new toyota equivalent to the Solara?

It’s not easy to answer all your questions, but don’t count on a Solara being cheap because it is no longer made. A fellow down the street has one and his wife just loves driving it.

Toyota will have parts for this car for years to come, and mechanically it is really a Camry. Only some body parts would be more expensive.

I would put the Scion in a different category; it is the counter-culture for younger buyers line of Toyota. The XB with its square shape illustrates the “ugly is beautiful” attitude of young buyers.

In summary, people worry more about the COMPANY staying in business nowadays. The Solara is not considered an “orphan” car, unlike the Cadillac Allante and Chrysler sports car built to Mercedes design.

As stated it is essentially a Camry…buy rest assured it is still supported and depending upon demand in your area, may command a higher price.
Scions are to Toyota as Chevy is to Pontiac. Same mechanics but different option packages, styling ques and models.
There is no model in the Scion line that is equivalent to the Solara. Closest would be a worthwhile Scion tC .

I heard that when a model gets discontinued by a company they essentially just want to get rid of the stock and be done with it. Thats where I thought the prices would reduced because they want to reduce their inventory. Is that a myth or is there truth to that?

That used to be true, but Japan’s auto makers seem to have a marketing strategy that values long term loyalty. Besides, the Solara was nothing more than a special Camry. Originally, it was the Toyota Camry Solara. Then it was renamed the Toyota Solara, but it kept its common platform with the Camry. So parts should be around for a long time.

Check out older Toyota trks since the new larger Tacomas came out. Still a demand for a smaller trk they don’t make anymore. The used price is still high. There is a demand for a sporty Camry, not enough to warrant continual manufacture, but enough in some areas to make them a premium knowing there may not be anymore. Celicas and Supras never lost their value when production stopped either.
Had a used Toyota trk, a rare for this area, 2wd 6 cly extended cab that I put in “Uncle Henry’s” (familiar) for a price the local dealer laughed at and said was his beginning before negotiation “lot” price. It sold to the first caller for that price in cash w/o a test drive ( he was in a hurry). That’s one reason I buy Toyotas but never trade them back to a dealer; they sell themselves.

I’ve never seen a sporty Camary in my entire life. The turbo Supras still command crazy money, the Fast & Furious crowd drool over these cars, apparently it doesn’t take much (relatively speaking) to turn them into 900+ HP dyno queens. The non-turbo Supras aren’t anything special though.

It’s full name is Toyota Camry Solara. It is a 2-door Camry and uses all the same parts. The Scion tC is supposed to be the Scion tC and nothing else.

I’ve never seen a sporty Camary either…maybe a Camry though.

I think before the Camry Solara it was just a two door Camry. As everybody said I wouldn’t expect to get any major deals on one though. If anything there are more sedan Camry s for sale.