Another great car repair shirt


Couldn’t resist buying one.

You ole softie, you.

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I’ve got a sweat shirt that says “What happens in the garage stays in the garage”. I like it.

I did have a calamity though. As I was reaching for another marshmallow bunny in the pantry, I knocked my Car Talk Dip Stick coffee mug on the floor and broke it. It was my favorite and no longer available (the yellow and black one). I don’t know if I can continue coming here without it.

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Someone posted here the other day about whether they should keep their Mercedes or sell it. They said one thing they liked about it, younger people would come up to them at gas stations & tell them it was a “cool car”. I got to thinking: Nobody - young or old – has ever come up to me and said “Cool Corolla” … lol … So I see what the Prius driver means … :slight_smile:

Yesterday coming home from work, I saw a Prius with that message on a bumper sticker.
A change of pace from the stick people families for sure.

Toyota’s are great cars, but I doubt that anyone will ever tattoo the Toyota logo on their arms. Even in NASCAR, nobody cares that Kyle Bush races a “Toyota Camry”.

It’s not like the company hasn’t come up with fun cars either…

Speaking of Supras, Toyota is thinking about reintroducing a modern version. I wonder if the Kia Stinger has anything to do with that?

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Supposedly the new Supra will look like this:

which, if true, is going to be in a whole 'nother league than the Stinger. And that would be impressive, because the Stinger is a heckuva car.

Top Gear had a one lap race between the Stinger and the Hyundai i30N a week or two ago. Thy Hyundai didn’t have as much power, but the handling was so good that it beat the Stinger. They even compared it favorably to the VW Golf GTI. Too bad it isn’t here yet. If it doesn’t come to North America, expect it to be part of the Elantra lineup.

Bing, sorry about the mug. However, that bit about the marshmallow bunny was actually more information than I needed to see. :rabbit::hatched_chick::rabbit:

CSA :palm_tree: :sunglasses: :palm_tree:

Maybe Toyota needs to come out with something like this.

However, I highly suspect that the typical radio control scale model of a P-51 Mustang has as much North American and Rolls Royce Packard content as this particular car has Toyota content.
Why does NASCAR and the NHRA even pretend that they are racing Toyotas, Fords, and Chevys? You might as well pretend that the radio control model cars racing each other on a small course in HobbyTown’s parking lot on Saturday are Toyotas, Fords, and Chevys.

How can the phrase ’ Race on Sunday sell on Monday ’ even apply to a NASCAR Toyota. Do some people think that is an actual Camry?

Another priceless heirloom lost to eternity. With all the dignity Bing can muster, he quietly buries the remains of the mug behind the shed, much like Ralph Parker’s old man buried the remains of the broken leg lamp in “A Christmas Story”. In the background, you could almost hear a bugler play “Taps”.


The i30N has the same mechanicals as the Veloster N, which is coming to the USA. By the specs, it’s believed that it will slot in between the Golf GTI and the Civic Type R performance-wise.

It doesn’t matter. The brand sponsors the team. I realize that John Force and his team were not driving a Ford or Chevrolet, but I was still happier when he switched sponsors. I felt like a traitor rooting for Force when he raced for Ford. Is it logical? Of course not, and being illogical is part of my humanity. I ain’t no Vulcan.

Looking for a 10. Settling for a 3/8. The mechanic’s lament.

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There ain’t no tens!