Toyota stalls when shifted out of reverse or drive

Howdy, I have a 2004 Toyota Matrix. I have a couple of issues. First is coil for starter relay is receiving 6vdc, I’m curious if that could possibly be due to poor grounding on ecu, I’m not sure which ground wire it is. Currently I have a push button start across it to bypass.

Second issue is I start the car and I’m able to shift into drive or reverse no problem, drives around no issues. But as soon as I shift out of either gear the car stalls. There’s currently no codes. Any input is appreciated.


I found the following. it is for 2005-2008, but might be part of your problem too.

Toyota Corolla and Matrix stalling issue solved, recall announced (

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The Idle Air Control valve may be dirty or defective, or one of the vacuum lines is leaking

The IAC valve is what controls the engine idle speed under all conditions.


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Thanks for the input!