Sudden Engine Stall

Bought this car new and really haven’t had any major issues until the last month. It’s a 2003, six-speed, inline 4, 1.8L engine.

When I came to a stop, the engine just died and would not restart until I let it “rest” for a couple of minutes. It restarted and ran fine.

This same thing happened again a week or so later.

Then, just yesterday, I was doing about 65 on the interstate and the engine died, tach dropped to 0, but I didn’t lose power steering or brakes. I was coasting for a few seconds and the engine came back. When I slowed down to pull into a parking garage, it died but I was coasting enough to pop the clutch and it restarted for a moment allowing me to almost get into a parking stall. As I slowed to get into the stall it died completely and had to be pushed into the stall.

I left it there for a few hours. When I got back, it started and ran fine.

I feel this is just the beginning of some problem with the electronic control module/unit.

Anyone else have this experience?

Thanks in advance

Toyota Matrix, 1.8L 4 - Cylinder, 6 -Speed, “Bought New”

Model - Year ?


Stalled in gear at 65 mph? Did not lose power steering or brakes? Not possible. However, I think you may have 2 problems:

  1. Your tachometer is malfunctioning and you thought your engine stalled at speed.
  2. Your engine (when the car was stopped) is not idling properly.

Check engine light on? Codes? Mileage?

Oh, on the Matrix … I should have mentioned that it has an “immobilizer” installed. In the past, when the battery got weak on the keychain unit, I would experience a similar situation. All was fine once a new battery was installed.

So, I found my backup keychain unit, that has never been used, put a new battery in it and am now waiting to see if that might have been the problem.