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Toyota Seat belt latches

Any advice about a seat belt latch that is sticking on a 10 year old Toyota Corolla? Any options other than replacing it or getting thrown from the car in a crash? These types of issues on a required safety element of a car drive me crazy. Advice?

Try cleaning and relubing it. First, remove it from the car, use a carb cleaner to loosen and remove the 10 years of gunk and crud that’s fallen into the latch by holding it upside down or at an angle so the liquid can run out as you spray the cleaner in it. Let dry, then spray a graphite lube, like key cylinder lube, or get some TDL (The Dry Lube) from the makers of P’Blaster, and apply some to the cleaned out latch. Try it a few times before reinstalling it to make sure it is freed up and working well. Also, to make sure any excess lube is cleaned up, so it won’t track onto your dress clothes later.

Never been asked to “clean and lube” a seal belt retractor, I could see problems with the chemicals degrading the seat belt material,In the least I could see problems with this lube product transfering to the belt then getting on your clothes.

If the issue cannot be resolved by removing all “twists” in the belt,get a new retractor,many manufactures are helpful with costs in regards to seat belts,have you asked Toyota for help? try it.

If you do remove the retractor from the car remember you will not be able to pull the belt out unless the retractor is oriented exactly how it would be as if it is installed.

He specifically said ‘latch’, not ‘retractor’.

Point noted,I was in retractor mode.

Check your Owner’s Manual for details on the seatbelt warranty. Many cars have a lifetime warranty on the seatbelts and their hardware. If your coverage is lifetime, just take it to the dealership for a free replacement.