2007 PT Cruiser - Seat Belt latch is unlatching passenger side

This is for a friend of mine who helps me out from time to time. I think it may just need cleaning and there’s some gunk in there, but she said it will occasionally unlatch while it’s being worn. Does anyone have experience on a) removing the female inboard latch (not the belt), and b) cleaning it or testing it. I really appreciate this and my friend will too!

I sprayed WD40 in mine and it worked perfectly afterward.

Don’t spray anything into the seat belt latch. All this does is allows more dust and debris to collect in the latch.

Have your friend take the vehicle to the dealer, and explain that there’s something wrong with the seat belt latch. Most dealers will fix this for free if it’s not because the seat belt is worn out.

After all, the last thing any car company needs right now is another safety defect that wasn’t reported.


I lose more tissues in those catches…
and I’ve always been able to clean them out with a worklight, needle nose pliars, and a beer. The beer is for moral support.