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Seat belt does not completely retract

I am having a problem with my seat belt.

The belt does not completely retract.

So when I close my door, it can not do so.

I have tried putting graphite on the belt, but there is not improvement.

Any ideas ??

Replace the seat belt and retracter assembly. The graphite will do nothing (as you have found) but make the belt nasty. The mechanism has a spring inside as well as a device to lock the belt (an you) in place in a collision.

I agree with replacing the assembly. If it doesn’t retract correctly, then you can’t be sure it will hold you in place correctly during a crash.

How old is the vehicle? There may be a buildup of random crud in the mechanism. Remove the plastic cover and take a look.

NEVER put anything on the belt itself that could cause it to deteriorate!

I’ve had my seatbelts and retractor replaced twice under warranty. Now I just clean the belt with soap and water since it’s lost its slippery protective sheen (not sure what the Toyota manufacturer used).

I’ve been told to never apply any silicon spray (can’t remember why) and just used a mild detergent and clean the belts. I still have to “help” the seat belt retract to its original position when exiting the vehicle so it doesn’t become useless over time.

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Vehicle is a 2009 Mazda CX7.

Graphite is safe to use and will not deteriorate any material.

It is just pencil lead.

I tested the belt by slamming on my brakes in an empty parking lot.

Belt kept me in place.

But you don’t want it on your clothes.


I did not use much.

It doesn’t take much to ruin a white shirt…

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True for those who wear white shirts.

Too hard to keep clean for my likes.


Seat belts are warranted for the life of the vehicle. Make an appt. take it in and it will be repaired for free.

Never heard that before. Is there some consumer safety protection law for it or is it manufacturer dependent?

The normal internet search does not seem to agree with that statement. Honda motors may have that with certain conditions. General Motors may have a free repair that also has conditions.

@andrew_kennedy7 Call the dealer to find out if you have a free repair or what they will cover.

I just called my dealership.

No, there is no lifetime warranty.

I have a 2009 model and the seat belt warranty expired in 2014.

Dealer mechanics charge $135/hr.

Must be nice. :slight_smile:

There is no repairing seat belts. Needs to be replaced. The dealer will be the easiest and actually cheapest to get it done but you can try a good auto upholstery shop, although they often refuse to do any work like this because of liability. Sometimes you just need to pay for things. Its part of life.

That is not what the mechanic receives. That covers : lights, heating and cooling, paying all employees, health care and all the other things it takes to support a large facility such as a dealership. That price is not out of line.

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I stand corrected. I should have checked first. There was a time I beleive when seatbelts were warranted for the life of the vehicle. As much as one cost now it still should be warranted for the expected life of the car. ( maybe 15-20 years )

Warranted or not, it’s not something that happens often so just take care of it. In 50 years I’ve had exactly one belt failure but Olds replaced it free.

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You do not need to worry.

As a retired chemist, safety is my first priority.

My mechanic or body shot may repair it more cheaply.