Toyota sat idle for almost a year

I have a Toyota '90 4x4 pickup, with about 200K miles on it. This truck has sat idle in my driveway for almost a year. (The last time I drove it was to get it smogged for registration-renewal.) What maintenance should I perform on it before starting it up? (i.e. fuel additives, oil changes, etc.) I’m sure I’ll be replacing the battery.


I’d remove the spark plugs, squirt a little oil into each cylinder, and spin the engine a few times with the starter before reinstalling the plugs.

Check the fluids and fire it up!

I’d change the oil after a hundred miles or so.

The brakes might be pretty rusty. Don’t go flying down the street until you make sure they work. If the parking brake is on you may have a hard time moving it at all.

If it has one I would take out fuse for ignition when you turn it over without plugs in.

Excellent advice, especially about the brakes. And spinning the crank a few times will allow the fuel lines to fill back up and pressurize too.

If it were me I’d also add a bottle of injecor cleaner to the tank, justin case the injectors have a bit of residue from sitting for a year. Assuming it runs fine, stop by the gas station on your test run and fill 'er up with fresh fuel too.

Thanks for the tips. I finally got around to working on this. The engine cranks and the oil pressure light goes out after a few turns, but it never starts. It sounds like fuel is not getting to the cylinders. Do I need to prime the fuel line, or anything like that?

Where (like what weather) was it stored in?  Was it in a garage or outside? 

Remember that most maintenance has a  [b] miles[/b] or  [b] months[/b] recommended service. Those clocks don't stop because it was not drive.  

You have been given some very good advice. already.

Turn the key and drive the dang thing.

Then an oil change is a good idea

How much gas was (is) in it? If the tank was low when you parked it, your gas may be bad by now. You may need to get it towed and have the tank drained and fuel system flushed. You could try dumping a 5-gallon can of gas in it to dilute the lousy gas and see if that helps.

Fill the gas tank