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1984 Toyota Tundra 2WD Truck - Restart After 1.5 Years

I need to start my truck after it has been sitting for a year and a half. Any suggestions other than priming the carb. that insures it will go smoothly. I don’t plan on driving it but need to get it out of the carport to wash it and send it to a garage.

I would squirt some light oil in the spark plug holes and turn it over while the plugs are out.
If you used gas stabilizer you should be good to go. I world also change the oil due to the time that has elapsed.

If you mean that you are going to have it taken to the garage by a tow service just let them winch it out of the carport .

Thank you for your response. It is filthy dirty, I have to wash it before it is picked as the cats have sprayed it and dirt and dust etc.

Thank you for your response. Knowing me I would cross the wires, lol. The oil was changed as they were trying to fix it and it hasn’t been run since.

Thanks again. I just hope the little pocket charger will work, it is supposed to?