Toyota recall

I have been told that Toyotas (mine is a 2009 Rav4) with the letter “J” in the VIN were made in Japan, not in the US, and do not have the problems that have triggered the recall. (My Rav 4’s VIN does have a “J.”) Is this for real or is it what is called an ‘urban myth’?

Is your RAV-4 on this list? if not, there is no recall because the gas pedal is from a different manufacturer:

I don’t see any 'J"s.

The first digit of the VIN is a ‘J.’ I’m still wondering whether the ‘J’ means it was made in Japan. In any case, after 15,000 miles and one year I’ve had no problem.

It’s true, so far. Somewhere on the window sticker or the door or the door frame there will be a country of origin.

Yes, the first letter tells you where it is assembled. The “J” stands for Japan. I was referring to the recall list in the link. Since there are no VINs o the list that start with J, you are OK.

Thanks all–very helpful. Question answered.


I have a 2009 RAV 4 with a ‘J’ also.

No problem.

My 1982 Toyota Cressida had a VIN number that started off with “JTMX” and it was made in Japan. My 1979 Toyota Celica has a VIN number with “RA42…”, also made in Japan.

BTW, the Cressida was the worst car I ever owned, and the Celica (and my made-in-Kentucky Avalon) are gems.