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Toyota Recall

Before the recall, I told a friend I would buy their 2008 RAV 4 when they take possession of a new truck they have on order. Now I am wondering if I should go ahead & buy it?

Of course, go ahead with it. Whatever modification is needed will be done by the dealer before you take posession. Toyota vehicles have a superior reliability record, and all car manufacturers experience recalls at some time or other.

The media and the politicians have blown this out of proportion.

Thanks for your advice. The 2008 RAV 4 is not part of the recall thus far but I read that sometimes the current problems do not show up until the car is 2-3 years old.

Take it. I’m not sure the RAV 4 is even part of the recall, but if it is ask to see documents that the recall was completed.

If not, you can take the car to Toyota and they have all the VIN #'s on file and can do the work if it is needed.

Great advice! Thanks Uncle T!

I agree…In CR, there was an article of an ongoing recall on Ford products over many years with cruise controls made by Texas Instuments catching the wiring harness on fire. The were over 16 million vehicles involved and counting under a campaign to fix these vehicles. That’s news that every one gets bludgeoned with daily ?

Whatever other 2008 vehicle you may buy could also be subject to a potential recall. There is no risk involved in buying an above-average vehicle from a friend IF you know the friend has maintained it well. The last part is really the only risk.

It has been well maintained by trustworthy friends & has only 31,000 miles on it.
You advice and that of the others in this discussion have helped me make the decision to go ahead & buy it.
Thanks, again!

As long as they maintained the Rav4 well, do it! Toyota is under intense scrutiny now. If there is anything generally wrong with the 2008 Rav4, be assured that it will be fixed at Toyota’s expense. BTW, I am by no means a Toyota fan, as my friends here will attest. This advise contains no Toyota good will; just a rational assessment of the situation.

Thanks, JT
I now feel confident about following through with the purchase.