2010 or 2011 Toyota Rav 4

Can you give me a current review on this car? How it rates with other SUV’s, and if the recall this last year, would have any bearing on how well made this car really is?

A recall has absolutely no bearing on on how well or poor a vehicle is made. It is simply something that was not caught in engineering testing and affects safety.

RAV4, CRV, Subaru Forester, and I will lump in Hyundai Tucson are all excellent. Personal preference, you cannot lose with any.

While I’d still be leery of buying a Toyota(I bought a Mazda), one could also say the news made them even more nitpicky over things going on the vehicle.

There are no big changes for 2011. A 2010 will have the same unintended acceleration fixes that the 2011 does. I suggest that you compare it to the Chevy Equinox, an excellent choice in the small/midsize SUV market. And enjoy test driving all those SUVs!