Toyota Previa wiper arm problem



My Dad’s 91 Previa has stripped the threads that hold the wiper arm to the linkage. This is causing the wipers to get stuck when coming down. He wants me to epoxy the arm to the linkage rather than replacing the linkage and arm ( both sides are stripped ). I really don’t want to do this. Does anyone have any ideas of how I can convince him this is a bad idea? Or any ideas on other fixes?


I’d JB Weld a new arm onto the post.

The vehicle is 20 years old! And with a new arm it’ll last the rest of the life of the vehicle. There are times where it’s just not worth putting in an all out effort in repairing certain things on a vehicle this old. And this is one of them.



If both the arm and pivot are stripped I don’t see any harm in trying epoxy and the JB Weld that tester recommended is the strongest, commonly available, one I know of. If it doesn’t hold you are no wore off than before.