Toyota Highlander Driver-Side Wiper

Last week, when removing 2"+ sheets of ice from my car, a big piece slid down my windshield and hit my wiper arm on my 2002 Highlander.

The ice pushed the arm about an inch lower than where it usually rests. I moved it back in line, since it wasn’t appropriately clearing the windshield, and it has since stopped working all-together, but not before almost “over compensating” (ie, going to the edge of the windshield, and stopping in the middle).

I haven’t looked into it too much, but I wanted to see if this sounds like something to do with the bolt and nut actually holding the arm in place, or if it’s more likely this killed the arm’s motor.

Any help is appreciated!

Most likely the splines where the arm attaches to the spindle have been stripped. If you can take it apart, you’ll probably be able to see what replacement parts you need. I doubt anything has happened to the motor.

You might …
…might be able to ‘‘re-set’’ the splines, at least for a while.
Remove the arm from the truck.
Let the wipers park in the normal place.
re-install the arm now and see if it works right.
If not, you’ll need at least a new arm. Most new arms come with no splines and the act of bolting/nutting it down creates the splines.