96 Protege Wipers

The drivers side wiper on my 96 protege stopped moving.When it stopped, it ended up next to the drivers side window. The passenger side is working fine.

Is there a connection that is stripped or loose? How hard is this to fix?

Sometimes the wiper arm splines will become stripped out where it mounts to the post below the windshield. Remove the wiper arm from the post, and turn on the wipers. If the post rotates, then look to see if the splines on the wipper arm are stripped out. If they are, replace the wiper arm with a new one.


It turns out there nut that holds the wiper arm on. I found this out when I went to the local NAPA to get a new wiper arm. I tightened the nut and things seem to be working.
Is this type of attachment for a wiper arm an old design ar are manufactuers still doing it this way?