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Toyota hub caps

I’ve owned 1 Camery and 4 Corollas. Missing hub caps were always an issue in NY city due to potholes and rough roads. I now use one cable tie per hub cap. Works.

So a dislodged hubcap, having spun around several hundred times attached at one contact point and rendered compeltely useless is somehow better that just losing one?

Hey–he says that it works on his “Camery”, so who are we to judge?

I wonder if it would also work on a CAMRY.


Wouldn’t you rather beat the hell out of your wheel well, fender and destroy the hubcap, but still have what’s left of it to cherish the memories? Than lose the cap and have nothing? LOL

At least use two, I would go with the electric wire plastic ties, they are going to be cut when you want to take the wheel off but the they are cheap and it would probably be less noticeable.

As soon as I bought the car I’d pull all 4 wheel covers (I seriously doubt that they are hub caps) and store them safely away in a closet. That way when I wanted to sell the beat up old thing it would look less like a beat up old thing. And I’d save the $.20 on the zip ties.

I know, I know, just saying. But even walmart has generic covers that other than the Toyota logo it is the same. When I want to sell my car, I doubt anybody would pay attention to the covers. Even the CPO I bought came with after market covers. The " wear" out faster than the tires.

That’s what I like about this website. You see the idiots come out of the woodwork, but not willing to learn nothing.

If you take a wire wrap, and wrap it around any of the wire grips for the hub cap, the hub cap grips better won’t come off.

My father once told me,“If you keep your mouth shut. and just listen, you might learn something.”


What I like about this website is seeing the cranky old codgers come out of the woodwork knowing already that the world is pretty much full of idiots :wink:

One of my favorites is, I think, an old Eastern tidbit of wisdom: “'tis better to keep one’s mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and prove it.” I often fail at that, but sometimes we live and learn.

Personally, I stopped using hubcaps and wheel covers a few years ago. They tend to cover up the holes they put in my rims to keep the brakes from overheating. I haven’t had a warping problem since.

I also have issues on my toyota hubcaps when i visited my friend. I also use cable wires or electric wires. Luckily it also worked on me.

I prefer just buying alloy rims that don’t require hub caps, and have better air flow properties that don’t risk over heating the rotors and calipers. Usually they look much nicer than most hubcaps that come from the factory on cars.


Gentlemen, the holes in the Camry wheelcovers are not at the periphery. They’re about 1/4 to 1/3 of the way in. If one were to zip tie through two ajoining holes to the corresponding holes in the steel wheel behind them, the cover would not pop off and flop around. It would be a successful method of securing them.

I think it was a good suggestion. I thank the OP for passing it on.