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Disappearing Hubcaps

On the 11/21/10 Car Talk, one caller’s husband’s had an older Camry whose hubcaps kept coming off and getting lost. What’s the possibility the husband, who didn’t think hub caps were needed or he would have replaced them himself, were taking them off and selling them to the used parts dealer from which his wife was buying them?

I was spending about $25.00 every 7-10 days to replace run-away hub caps. I finally invested in $4.99 plastic ties, looped them thru the wheels… been 7-8 weeks now… never lost another (:

Plastic ties

As a fellow who has walked many miles along the highways of our lovely west, I count about one hub cap every 7 miles on average. When I drive, I go out sans hub caps. who needs em? thats my motto.

After one $40 replacement from a mail-order hubcap warehouse, and several lost hubcaps later, our teenage son suggested that it was time for custom wheels for our silver 2005 Camry. Talk about a way to sexy-up a granny car! We temper that by going ghetto during our 5 months of winter with the naked stock wheels, to which we have mounted our hard-core snow tires. HOT wheels for summer driving and functional/safe/UGLY for winter. Works for us in SE Idaho.

That is exactly the way that I roll, deppercd.