Toyota Hilux Parts

Hello, community of CarTalk! I am Brian and I recently bought Toyota Hilux, and currently I am looking for upgrading my vehicle.
I live in Australia, and if there are fellow members from Melbourne, can you recommend me some good and reliable retailers to get some equipment like hilux bullbars, hilux sidesteps and etc.?

Unfortunately our forum is US based. I don’t know how many members we have that live or have lived in Australia (is on my bucket list to visit, though!!). I checked the Mechanics Files, and they unfortunately do not have any Australian listings. I think you would be best off asking friends and family who services their vehicles, where do they get equipment from, etc. Check Google, maybe there is a group of Hilux drivers you could meet up with over there who could help you out with mechanics and equipment. Good luck and happy motoring!


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Try Toyotanation forum, the home of stupid questions . moderators that can’t spell or write coherent posts and offer advice when they really are clueless. It is not a part of Toyota.

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Good choice. I like that model’s appearance. And its bound to be tough as nails, its a Toyota after all. What’s the model year, & which engine do you have? Gas or diesel? 2wd or 4wd or AWD?

Do a web search for parts dealers in Australia if you haven’t already.

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One of the first ones i’ve found based near Perth, don’t know their reputation but they appear to have some good options,

Toyota also sells these accessories at what I suspect is a higher cost.

Recent models are quite modern looking and attractive; the older models looked good too, but more generic truck-like.

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Hey guys! Firstly, thanks for answering my question and discussing on it. One of my friends who own 4x4 and it’s fan of offroad rides recommended me this website - VehicleMods, so if you are from Australia - search there for any hilux parts you need for your vehicle.

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Thanks for the update OP. Best of luck.

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