2011 Ford Escape - Main Oil Seal Leaking at 78k/Normal?

Leaking from main oil seal on my V6 Auto. Only78000 miles

Do you know which seal is leaking? Rear main crankshaft seal? Front main crankshaft seal?

Normal? Who knows. Possible? It sure is.

How often do you have to add oil (miles per quart)? Is this something an oil change shop told you, or have you observed it yourself (oil on the garage floor)? “Leaking seals” is often a money grab.

I had a 2003 Honda with a real main seal leak, per the dealer service advisor. The was around 2014. I never saw it leaking on the garage floor or anywhere else, but kept the oil full/checked.

You can buy a whole pallet of oil for probably half the cost of “fixing” the seal leak, if it actually exists.

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On Mitchell Pro Demand I see more that 500 reports of rear main crankshaft seal replacements for this vehicle, the chart shows a peak at 100,000 miles, seems very common.