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2015 Toyota Highlander - Oil leak from timing cover

possible oil leak from timing cover. Is this a known problem?

It doesn’t appear to be common:

Yes, by you about your SUV. Why do you ask? Are you hoping Toyota will pay for it?

I thought that there was a good possibilty

Thank you!

How bad of a leak? How often (miles/quart) are you having to add oil? Who noticed the leak?

I noticed the leak. Very slow. Had to be highway driven to start leak. Already repaired at dealer with 20% cost for labour. Thanks for4 the reply.

2GR-FE 3.5 liter V-6 . . . ?!

If the answer is yes . . . it IS a known problem

Then again . . . it’s only a problem if you want to lose sleep over it. It usually is more along the lines of seepage. Yes, it looks bad. But it doesn’t typically leak enough to leave ugly spots on your driveway. And it doesn’t leak out fast enough for you to have to top off every week.

Toyota does not have any manufacturer communications out for this complaint. This means they must not have met a threshold for issuing a communication, not that you don’t have the problem. Clearly you do. There are also no complaints at for your problem.

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In regards to the timing case cover on the 2GR-FE, yes they do . . . if that’s what op has under the hood

I can’t swear it applies to every single model year of the 2GR-FE, but there’s plenty of official Toyota documentation about this particular problem

The NHTSA web site safer does not have one in their database for the 2015 Highlander. I don’t know if their communications are the same as the ones you have access to.

I don’t look at that particular website