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Toyota Corolla Ignition

I have a '98 Toyota Corolla and I can’t turn the key in the ignition. I’ve tried stepping on the brake while turning the steering wheel while trying to turn the key - and the key still won’t turn. The car is in park. I added some WD-40 to the key slot as well. This has happened several times before, however it’s turned on.


Should I fix my car? It’s 12yrs old and has 185600 miles on it.

About how much does it cost to get the ignition fixed? Ballpark price of part and potential labor time.



If the car is still running well why would you give up on it just for this one little problem?

If you have more than one key, try a different key and see if it works. Keys wear, too, and yours may be worn enough that it isn’t working any more.

Your local mechanic can give you an estimate for replacing the ignition cylinder, if that’s whats required.

Ditto to what McP said.

Just a word of advice, if you decide to do this job yourself get a repair manual and be sure you properly deactivate the airbag per the manual. If that goes off it could be dangerous and it WILL be expensive. Personally I’d let a pro do it.