Key won't go into ignition

My 1994 Toyota Corolla wagon has a problem. I drove to work, all seemed fine. I jumped in it in the afternoon, and my key won’t go in the ignition - it gets half way in, and that’s it. It feels like the key is bumping into something into the ignition lock cylinder. In the interest of full disclosure, I’ve sprayed some WD-40 into the lock cylinder, thinking maybe the pins were jammed. If that is the case, it hasn’t helped. Zero improvement. This originally happened when it was really cold out, so I’ve waited and tried it again on a warm (40 degree) day - no change (though my door lock and ignition have been more stubborn in the cold in the past, but only marginally so).
So, what are my options?
I guess you can’t (easily) replace the lock cylinder without the key in the “on” or “acc” position (which I obviously cannot do). I’m not opposed to using a screwdriver as the key, or hot-wiring the car, but don’t want to take drastic (or stupid) steps before being sure I don’t have other choices…

Did you try pulling right and left on the steering wheel while you try to insert the key ? Have you ticked off anyone to the point they would squirt superglue in the lock ? If wiggling the wheel doesn’t work I would try to find out who the best locksmith in the area is and go talk to them.

Yeah, the wheel turns ok - tried pulling left and right. Sounds like the locksmith then - thanks.

Does this car have a raised area around where the key goes in? If so try grabbing hold of it & jiggling it back & forth then try inserting your key.

It does not have a raised area like you mention - the ignition is aligned with the dashboard, not the steering column.
So far it sounds like a locksmith drilling out the ignition lock cylinder is my only option. Is this something a handy, but inexperienced, person should attempt? The car is almost not worth the few hundred dollars a locksmith would charge (except for the new tires…).

Have you made sure the transmission is in “Park”? Do you have another copy of the key you could try? Before you drill it, try tapping the key with a small mallet, making sure it is going in straight.

Its a manual transmission, so it being in park isn’t the issue. I don’t have another copy of a key locally (I’m stuck in Detroit, my home is in CO). I’ve played with the key (tapping, wiggling, finessing) so much I’m very convinced there is nothing wrong with the key - it’s going in straight. When the key is about 2/3’s in, I feel it start to grind against something, and it stops. If I start to force it I can get the key 3/4’s in, but that’s it - I haven’t tried whacking it with a hammer to force it the rest of the way, but maybe that’s next if the damage is already done.
Thanks for the ideas so far.