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Toyota Camary & Corolla Ignition

I have 2003 Corolla & a 2001 Camary, both with the same problem. I have troble turning the ignition key on in both. I jiggle the steering wheel, twist, turn and whatever to get it the key to turn. Sometimes it turns immediately without doing any of these contortions, but other times, I think I will never get the ignition key to turn correctly. Then all of a sudden it works. What is the cure for this? Every time I took it into the shop (like usual) it worked perfectly. Any suggestions.


Are you parking the cars with the front wheels other than straight ahead? Have you tried the spare keY?

Make sure the car is in park. The shift lever must be properly seated so a switch activates letting the system know it is in park. You may have a flakey sensor position switch. Cycle the gear shift. That was my problem on a different type car. I had to give the gear shift a little extra nudge into park.

You may also have to wiggle the steering wheel a little while nudging the gearshift. Hope this helps.

I will try to park the wheels straight and I have used the spare key. Thanks for the quick response.

Do you have a lot of heavy stuff on your keychain? This can wear out the lock over time.

When you park pull em brake then put into park

Yes, I will keep a seperate key for the ignition. Hope this helps.