Toyota Corolla - bells stop dinging!

all of a sudden my radio and clock stopped working, k-checked fuses 20A, seem fine- two days later, the door chimes stopped working, and then the lights are one-chimes stopped, then the key in the ignition, and when the door is ajar, stopped dinging—is this a computer malfunction or sensor-WHICH ONE? and yelp out there…1997 toyota corolla

There are two fuses for the radio, one labeled “Cig and Radio” and the other “Dome”.
Check the dome light fuse, it powers the radio, clock, dome light and key in ignition reminder.

On my early 90’s Corolla there are two alarm circuits. One is for the seatbelts, and the other is for the headlights, key in the ignition, or door ajar. There is no computer involvement with the alarm function, as I recall, at least on my car. Since there are several sensors involved, it is unlikely all have failed at once. I doubt this is a sensor problem. I expect you either have a bad fuse, a bad connector, or a wiring ground for that circuit that has come loose. Has anyone been doing work on this car recently? They may have accidentally loosed or removed the ground to make room for what they were doing, and forgot to tighten it back up. Especially likely if the work done was under the dash.

It is possible that the 97 Corolla incorporates a computer to do the alarm function, different from how it is done on the early 90’s. If so, it’s possible you have a computer problem. You’d need someone experience in your year of Corolla to debug that.

In any event, a shop that had the wiring diagram for you car could easily solve this I expect. If you want to do something yourself, I guess what I’d do if I didn’t want to sus out the wiring while looking at the circuit diagram is replace any fuses associated with the alarm function with new ones. It’s possible that might work.