Car alarm

98 Corolla car alarm doesn’t work in cold mornings, but works at noon/evening when weather is warmer. Alarm shop said it’s an old alarm & it’s due to moisture and/or condensation. He said I need to get a new one & he has it on special for $139.00 installed. Is he for real or just want to sell me one car alarm?

I would tend to say the problem really due to a bad connection somewhere. If the problem is with the power to the alarm and a new alarm is installed using the same power connection it will have the same trouble most likely.

The trouble could also be internally with the existing alarm and if so, it would need to be fixed. This probably wouldn’t be the best thing to do since the cost of a new one isn’t real high and you would be getting a warranty with the new one. You may be wise to replace the old unit but I would also make sure the shop will fix any other wiring trouble if something happens to make the alarm nonfunctionable within 90 days of the install. You need to be sure that the trouble is inside the unit and I don’t think that has been proven yet.