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Toyota Celica issues (two)

2002, Has about 130k miles

  1. Engine rattles at 3500rpm. Only at 3500rpm. 3000 is fine, 4000 is fine.
  2. Just had my brakes replaced. They knock when I brake moderately, took it to the mechanic, who replaced them. They knock less now, but still knock. The knocking sound is kind of a pop that happens at 1 second intervals.

Has anyone checked for a loose heat shield?

Have you had it checked for bad motor mounts? It could explain both.

The sound on the brakes is coming from the rear of the car. So not sure it’s a bad motor mount. The mechanic said when new brakes are put on a car, they “settle” after some driving and sometimes don’t fall into place correctly. This sounds strange to me, but he’s put two sets of brakes on, and both have done the same thing. He said the first set might have been defective, and replaced them free without any squabble. So I don’t think he’s dishonest, but I’m starting to wonder about his competence. Prior to taking it in, the brakes squeaked but that was it - no knocking sound.

I really think they’re two separate issues.


The knocking could be something loose in the suspension. Not a good thing. This mechanic seems to not be able to figure it out. Time to try someone else.

The brake noise could be due to missing “anti-rattle” parts and shims. It’s easy to lose them or not- install them correctly when changing out the pads. Suggest to take the car to someone who has lots of experience with the make and model, ask them to check to make sure all the pieces are there.

Either that, or if you are the do-it-yourself kind, find someone who has the same car, but which doesn’t make the brake noise, and compare what you have to what they have for the pads and calipers and shims.

Oh, and about the engine rattling. I agree with others that this could be engine mounts. Do yo uhot-rod it from time to time, heavy on the accelerator? This can wear out the engine mounts and result in this kind of rattling noise. Of course it could be anything. Do you see the enginemoving around excessiviely when you pop the hood and increase the rpm to that rate? If so, that’s a clue it’s the engine mounts. If not, gtake a 3 foot section of garden hose and use it as a stethoscope to see if youcan hear exactly where the noise is coming from. Careful, concentrate on what you are doing, keep your hands away from moving parts when doing this.

Okay, thanks guys, I’ll take it elsewhere and see what can be done about the brakes.

On the engine mount, I’ll do the test you suggest George.

I’ll report findings for other Celica owners when I know more.