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Knocking Brakes

Hi - I have a 2005 RX330 with new brake pads. When I picked up the car yesterday, the first thing I noticed it how the brakes knock every time I apply them. This is noticable at any speed above 20mph. The guy who replaced the pads does not seem to be sure what could be wrong. Any help would be appreciated.

Make sure that the guy tightened the calipers, this will make a knocking noise.

I am going to assume that you did not take this to the dealer. Aftermarket pads do not always fit perfectly and will sometimes “knock” when you first press the brake pedal. Another common reason for knocking brakes is that the mechanic forgot to replace the hardware on the caliper. Most calipers have replaceable clips for the pads to sit in and slide on. If you forget to reinstall the old clips or put in new ones the pad will have too much space to move around in and will knock.