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Toyota Celica humming noise

I am a new member, how do I post a question about a problem with my 1991 Toyota Celica? I apologize if this is the wrong location. I am comfortable with computers, rather geeky, but can’t find an answer re:posting for the life of me! Problem is that I hear a humming tone coming from the right front of my 1991 Toyota Celica 5-speed manual, in 1st and 2nd gear. After that, driving covers the humming and I can’t hear it. There is plenty of power steering fluid. Thanks.

You’ve done it exactly right.

What you should do is post as much details as you can. High pitched? Rhythmic? That sort of thing.

Do you suspect the power steering? Why?

What should happen is that the many folks who visit regularly will post questions and/or possible causes. It takes about a day to cycle through the regulars.

My guess: CV Joints.

Could be a front wheel bearing going bad. Does it sound like an helicopter when driving it?

First off, make sure the engine oil level is correct, as well the transmission fluid level. You might need a shop to check the latter b/c I think your car has a Toyota M5 transmission, same as my Corolla of similar vintage, and checking the trans fluid level may require a special tool require and some searching to find the plug. Could be a wheel bearing, but they usually get louder the faster you go when they go bad. And the complaint is a growling noise rather than a hum. CV joints definitely should be considered. You might be able to kneel down & look under that side, there will be a thick metal rod – the axle – from the transmission to the wheel area. Each end will have a rubber boot on it. Are those boots intact? Or have one or the other split? The timing belt should also be considered. When was it last replaced? miles and time.