My car is starting and moving into gear in display but won’t drive 2006 Honda hybrid

Please help I’m a broke 19 year old with two jobs and will be homeless with out getting this thing to run

Boy, that’s no fun at all, but You have to give us a little more info on this Wartburg - or is it a Lamborghini?
What about:
Maintenance history
Transmission config.
Cold - warm
Pretty much everything You can come up with in order to give us a chance to help You. We will, if we can, but give us something to start with.

The car is having and additional humming sound as the car is running sounds like somethig in the way it’s a Honda Civic 2006 just had it regularly maintenance done on it about 1 month prior to this it happens as I was driving I went to put the car to gear while getting out of my house and noticed it right before work so the engine was cold and still at same state now

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If you have two jobs and that’s in immediate jeopardy then go on Craigslist and buy a $1,000 running car for cash today. Then deal with your Honda.

And which is it. When You were driving or when You came out, started the car and put it into gear and the humming started??
Sorry, but You have to be much more specific and concise with such a problem in order for us to help You. Have You checked oil levels on anything? Just for starters.
We need way more info.
And PLEASE, use punctuation.

I checked oil levels was fine , transmission fluid levels were fine fluid wasn’t burnt .this all happened last night as I was driving about to park. Initially thought I’d accidentally put it into neutral as I was coming into my driveway as it was reaving as if it was in neutral but I didn’t pay to much attention to it .Then went to put it into reverse to get out this morning but it sounded as if I was I’m neutral but the dash was reading that it was in reverse , as well the humming noise continuously goes as the car is turned on no matter what potion the transmission is in as long as the car is running and in any position other than park the car will just rev.

Okay, now we got a little. I assume You checked the oil AFTER the problem showed up. In that case, it surely sounds as a problem inside the transmission to me. And in that case, I’m out as I don’t know squat about A/T’s, but every little detail You can come up with, will help all of those other brilliant guys - and ladies - on this forum, help You.

With the vehicle in park and the parking brake off, try to move the vehicle by hand, if it rolls easily there may be a broken CV joint or axle. If it is locked in park and doesn’t move there is a transmission problem.

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I’ll check that now

A 1000.00 Graigslist vehicle will most likely break down before you even get home . That 1000.00 is better spent on a persons current vehicle or cab fair until the vehicle can be repaired . Also do you think someone who says they are broke and working two jobs have 1000.00 just laying around.


Yea so it doesn’t roll over it kinda moves a bit then locks to a stop

That would suggest that the axles are OK and the shift cable is connected. An internal transmission problem isn’t something that you are going to repair yourself.

So a lot of money needed

You won’t know for sure until you take it to an independent transmission shop. Check mechanics files on the home page, might have one listed for your area. I also like to check yelp reviews and the BBB.
Off hand I would guess a new transmission, but who know? Might just be a linkage problem.

Check the transmission fluid level. (Supposed to be done while the car is running and hot cold is dependent on transmission fluid temp. not engine temp.)

Do a drain and fill of the transmission fluid 3 times with the appropriate fluid for your vehicle. Drain it into a container, replace the amount that came out unless it was already low. Since you can’t drive it, try to shift through the gears between each drain and fill.