'90 Celica GT

I’ve got a '90 celica GT (2.2L 5s-fe, manual). In the 1000-2000 range during normal driving, the whole car shakes. Not like it’s going to fall apart, but definitely noticeable. Do i have a problem or is it just really cold? Also, was this car ever fast or is this really as good as it gets?

Not enough information. Have you jacked up any wheels? Checked them for any back & forth, up & down movement? How do the tires look? Do they look good, or is the wear uneven? Are there any bulges on the tread? Does the tread look like there are chunks taken out of it? These are all things that need to be checked. Tires are one thing, but any looseness in the front end could mean worn out ball joints, tie rod ends, wheel bearings, etc., all of which can lead to a dangerous situation. For safety’s sake, this car should be checked out by a shop, ASAP. It has nothing to do with the cold. Does you get road vibrations when you drive it, or is it more of a bouncing? Checked the struts?

I really like most Toyotas, and Celicas are pretty sporty cars (even if yours isn’t at the moment) so they get beat on a lot… revs, hard turns, etc, so chances are pretty good (especially on an old one like this) that one or more suspension/steering part(s) is/are worn out.