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What could cause a humming tone coming from right front side Toyota Celica 5-speed manual

I have noticed a quiet constant humming tone, coming from the front right (seemingly) for about a week while driving. It’s getting louder. I hear it in 1st and 2nd and then driving drowns it out. What could be causing this? I checked power steering fluid. It’s fine (altho it leaks) and I topped it up in the last two weeks. Thanks.

More detail please. Does this occur only when the engine is on? when the car is moving? Does braking change it? Turning?

I don’t know. I will go drive it around the block, apply brakes and get right back. Thanks!

Occurs only when car is moving, when I hit 15 miles to 25, 30. Braking stops it, but so does just letting it slow down below 15 mph. I didn’t notice any change when turning. A couple weeks ago I added a higher viscosity oil, 10 - 40. Usually I use 10w-30. I just added one quart 10w-30 before I took it for a test. It also leaks oil regularly. I have about 220,000 miles on the car. Haven’t had it tuned up for quite a while, as mechanic said just bring it in when something breaks!

BillRussel-- Also noticed tone is not “constant.” It seems to get louder and softer (or none) between 15 and 30.

Try rotating tires (front to back) to see if it changes.

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OK will try that. Will take to wheel works and get back to you. Thanks!

Something else to try, next time you’ve been driving around for a while, when you stop, get out and immediately feel the wheel on that side. It should not be too hot to touch. If its hot, you could be having a wheel bearing or brake issue. I had a caliper stick slightly on my echo, it would make a noise at speed, but then would go away when braking. But to reiterate what someone said above, definitely check your tires. I got my celica because my father was going crazy chasing a drivetrain noise, and a new set of tires totally cured it.

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Thanks. Getting my wheels rotated tomorrow and also will check alignment. Might not touch the wheels yet as we are having a heatwave in the 100s for the next few days!

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I vote wheel bearing.

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That would not be good. I imagine it’s not worth fixing if its a wheel bearying. Driver’s side got side-swiped by a truck and I had to get a salvage title. A/C not working. Lots of leaks. . . . but it’s in great condition insider and around the rest of the car and drives so sweet! :anguished:

Replacing a wheel bearing is not terribly expensive. A running car, leaky and drippy but reliable, is worth quite a bit.

Squeek noise before I change the caliper on my Corolla.The wheel was very hot also. Please watch my video

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I’m guessing this is a tire problem. OP, have you looked for unusual wear patterns on that tire? As the tread reaches its wear limit on some tread designs wear bars running across the tires every few inches appear, which could make a humming noise.

thanks, Rascal. it’s not squeaking like that. George, just dropped off at Wheelworks and tire treads look ok.

Will know in a few hours about brakes and bearings. :crossed_fingers: